Who We Are?

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Joshua Gallagher


Josh Gallagher is a drummer from Perth, Australia. Born on October 28 1995, Josh is known internationally for his YouTube videos, which have amassed over three million views as well as his energetic live performances and versatile musicianship. Josh has played on albums featuring artists worldwide, some of which include musicians with credentials of Aerosmith, Deep Purple and Brad Paisley.

team 1

Jacob Deraps

Guitarist | Singer | Songwriter

Jacob Deraps is a 19 years old guitarist/singer/songwriter, from St-Georges Québec Canada. Over the past years, Jacob dedicated his time, heart and soul to his passion and talent for music which led him to over 1,5 million views on YouTube as well as meeting the legendary rock photographer Robert Knight and playing with Dweezil Zappa. Jacob is currently planning on touring, recording his first album and wants to eventually have a career in the USA.

About Us

Jacob is currently living in St-Georges, Québec Canada, while Josh is in Perth, Australia. They want to reunite soon and from a power duo, tour, record Jacob's first album and eventually move to the USA to begin their careers. Meanwhile, they will be working on new videos, demos and planning on reuniting. Stay tuned!.